What time is the service? --- 10:30 AM every Sunday

Where is White Oak located? --- 3615 Mangum Rd. Houston, TX 77092. Just NW of the 610 & 290 intersection. 

Where do I park? --- At the very front of the church. You can park on either side of the front or in the very front parking lot.

What should I wear to the service? --- Anything you would like to wear. We have people who go complete casual with shorts and a t-shirt to guys that wear suits. Whatever you wear you will be fine and you will fit right in.

What do you have for kids and where do you drop them off? --- Every Sunday we have two programs for kids newborn - 10. At 9:30 AM we have Kid's Core which is a laid back learning environtment where kid's learn Bible verses and stories. At 10:30 AM we have Kid's Church which is an energetic, fun Kid's program with music, Bible storytelling with engaging actors, crafts, etc. Kid's can be dropped off as early as 9:15 AM. You can find the kid's building by following the green kid's signs from the parking lot that will lead you to our kid's building. 

What do you have for youth? --- Every Sunday at 9:30 AM we have our youth community group for youth ages 11-18. This is a laid back time of connecting with other youth, playing games and a brief discussion lead by our youth pastor. We also have a Wednesday night youth service called Youth Midweek every Wednesday at 6:30 PM with games, relevant music and relevant teaching all centered on Jesus and the gospel. Follow the red youth signs on a Sunday or Wednesday to find our youth building located next to the back church parking lot.

What is the service like? --- We have a standard one hour service. We open with a song, followed by a brief welcome from one of our pastors, followed by a few more songs. You are welcome to stand or sit during the music. After the music we listen to a sermon from one of our pastors, followed by the Lord's Supper and one more song. We end the service with an offering and closing announcements.

What is the music like? --- Our music is contemporary but we also do hymns. The music is guitar-driven with a full band. 

Do you have bible studies or community groups? --- Yes, for all ages and stages of life. Check out our Community Group page to find a group. 

What kind of church is White Oak or what denomination? --- White Oak is a Baptist Church. That means we believe the Bible is the perfect word of God to us, we believe churches should be governed by the people who make up the church body and we believe that someone should be old enough to know Jesus and His message personally before being baptized in His name.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend the service? --- No, believers and skeptics are both welcome. 

What if I have more questions? --- Simply email and we will promptly respond to you.




Nov. 17 | Serve Conference 6 PM

Nov. 19 | Thanksgiving Lunch

Dec. 2 | Work Day 9 AM

Dec. 3 | Advent Begins